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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Clarke Reese who was born in Virginia on August 31, 1993 and passed away on February 25, 2007 at the age of 13. We will remember her forever.
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14 Years   / Clarke's Mommie (mom)
Clarke, I can't believe that you have been gone for more years than you lived. I am having a difficult time dealing with that. I love you and miss you. I talk about you everyday as if you were still here because to me you are. You are in every br...  Continue >>
Clarke at 27   / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (mom)
Another year and another milestone. 2020, which I gotta tell ya has been one hell of a year; marks your 14th Heavenly birthday. You have officially spent more birthdays in Heaven than with me your mother. I cannot reconcile my mind and heart with ...  Continue >>
A Lifetime   / Clarke's Mommie (mother)
Dani, when I first saw you, I said oh my, oh my that’s my dream. That is not just a song lyric, but it is a fact. I am so totally blessed to be your mom. This year marks the equinox of your time on earth and your time in Heaven. It has been 13 ye...  Continue >>
13 + 13 = 26   / Clarke's Mommie (Mother)
My Dearest Dani, I can’t believe that this is your 13th birthday in Heaven. I really can’t wrap my head around it. This birthday, your 26th is the age your father asked me to marry him {who knew we’d be engaged for two years). I wonder if yo...  Continue >>
I had a bad day   / Chris Redding (Godfather)
12 years ago I had an incredibly bad day. One of the worst of my life. But recently, a good friend of mine reminded me that I focus too much on that day and not 13 years of wonderful life that you had. My life was changed, for the better more than 2...  Continue >>
A Quarter of a Century.  / Clarke's Mommie (mother)    Read >>
Thinking of you  / Keyona Bartley (Friend)    Read >>
You are missed  / Danielle Kuneck (Friend)    Read >>
Rememberance / Clarke's Mommie (Mother)    Read >>
24th Birthday!  / Clarke's Mommie (mother)    Read >>
Rememberance / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)    Read >>
Your birthday  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)    Read >>
WOW! / Dinah Thomas (Her Mother's friend )    Read >>
still gone  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)    Read >>
Last You  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Clarke's Motto  
A genie grants wishes & sets Aladdin free and yet all his magic is here inside me. Cinderella has faith in her dreams so can I. Here in my heart I believe I can fly. If my dreams come true I won’t be the same girl.
Like mermaids, I’ll always be part of your world.
Like Belle my adventures will be brave and bold.
Like Simba I’ll find my place as life unfolds.
A dream is made of magic and music and me…just have faith, trust, and pixie dust to set it all free.
I believe in my dreams. I know I can fly.

Clarke Danielle Quarles Reese departed this life suddenly and unexpectedly, on Sunday, February 25th, 2007. She did not suffer, but left this physical plane dancing....the thing she loved most in this world. Though Clarke was an only child she had an enormous amount of relatives and friends. Clarke has been dancing since the age of 4, joined scouts at the age of 6. Clarke enjoyed dancing, singing, acting and anything that had to do with the performing arts. She had planned on going to either Howard University or Rollins College to major in performing arts and minor in psychology

                                        CLARKE REESE

Volunteer experience
*Ushering for Theatre 
*Girl Scout Bronze Award Project (organized a book drive for
  English as a Second Language students and assisted in
  the class)
*Girl Scout Silver Award Project (organized and implemented a
  cultural learning program for younger scouts)
*Prepare lunches and care package for homeless
*Balloon carrier for the Ukrops Christmas Parade
*Assist with "Angel Tree" for The Salvation Army
*Filled stockings for "Sergeant Santa"
*Assisted in the building of a playground for Children's Hospital
*Girl Scout service projects

Extracurricular Activities
*Dance class (Jessica Morgan School of Dance-9yrs)
*Girl Scouts (Troop 132-8yrs)
*National Junior Honor Society
*Student Council Association
*School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community
*Collegiate School's HAT Theatre Camp
*St. Catherine's CAT'S Camp
*Footprints Acting Camp
*Theatre IV Camp
*Girl Scout Camp
*Local Charity Walks (cancer, breast cancer, diabetes)
*Leadership Camp (VA State University)
*Drama Club
*Dance Captain for middle school productions

*Girl Scout Bronze Award
*Girl Scout Silver Award
*Girl Scout Leadership Award
*Academic Excellence Award (6th & 7th grade)
*Outstanding Chorus Student Award (6th & 7th grade)
*7th Grade Outstanding Citizenship Award
*Perfect Attendance Award (7th grade)
*National Junior Honor Society (7th, Vice President 8th)
*SCA (6th, Secretary 7th & 8th grade)
*All County Chorus (6th & 7th grade)

A Mother's Lament  
Dear Dani.
(I can call her that because I am her mommie)"When I first saw you, I said oh my, oh my that's my dream" You have been my "Dreamgirl" every since. You have never disappointed me (except when you wouldn't participate in "Battle of the Books" at school). You have been a model young lady. Dani I could not have been more blessed than the day you came into my life. Your Daddy and I didn't want to know if you were a boy or a girl, but when it was decided that you had to be born via C-section (always drama with you), I said "this had better be a girl". I feel so very proud that God allowed you to come into this world through me. I feel blessed to be your "Mommie". Dani, you and I were much more than mother and daughter. You are my best friend, my confidante, my "Disney Freak" partner, my sister, my rock, and my inspiration. Dani you are my motivation to get up in the morning. I don't know what I am going to do now with you gone.
Every decision is my life revolved around Dani. Where did Dani need to be? What did Dani need for school or dance/acting class? What did Dani want? People would say to me "you are too overprotective", "you are spoiling that child". But anyone who truly knew Dani would tell you that was not the case. Yes, Dani thought the sun rose and set because of her, but that was just because she was a "STAR". Dani was the most giving and non-selfish person I have ever known. She championed the underdog, and made a friend out of everyone. I often asked Dani if she wanted a brother or sister, and she always said "NO". Not because she didn't want to share Mommie and Daddy, but because it would make her "ordinary". She would say, "everyone has brothers & sisters, I'm unique because I am an only child" How can you argue with that?
I believe Dani was so much wiser than her years. I remember how she would join in the conversations at the "beauty salon". Her comments were not those of a child, but of a young lady with valid points to be made. Everyone got a real kick out of her. Dani got a kick out of herself. At the ripe old-age of 3, she began watching "The Dani Show" (home movies of herself). It was her favorite thing to do. She would always ask, "what is Baby Dani doing?" This child was destined to be a star from day one. And now as we all sit here and wish her Godspeed to heaven, we must take comfort that this "SHINING STAR" is where she would want to be, in the sky for all to see. Dani, you will be truly missed down here on earth.

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