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Hello / Tighmir Sayles (Cousin)  Read >>
Hello / Tighmir Sayles (Cousin)
Hello Clarke.. we have never met... and unfortunately won't until I am where you are. I was sitting back at my desk and decided to start looking up my family history and have spent hours and hours searching for the side of my family that I've never known. Then I stumbled upon this... and my heart is broken to know of such a gorgeous and beautiful young lady gone too soon. We are about 18 months apart actually. Please dance it up up there...!! To Donnetta... I am SO sorry for your loss :( Close
7 years without you.  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)  Read >>
7 years without you.  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)
Dani, I am sitting here on the eve of your 7th Heaven date. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years and then again I can. The emptiness I feel is just as fresh as the day you left. The paid has dulled some over the years, but it still there. I still cry when I think about you not being here. 7 years is a long time to go without talking to you, hugging you, laughing with you, or just being with you. 7 years was ½ of the years you spent here on earth. Such a short time to attempt to live a lifetime in, but you sure did try. 7 years is an eternity to a family that misses their daughter who was snatched by death way too soon. These 7 years have seen many changes in the world. My world remains frozen in time on February 25, 2007; the snowy day that you left us. I relieve that weekend often. I often wonder if there was anything I could have done to save you, even today. I remember hearing your voice for the last time. Though I didn’t know it would be the last time. I remember the doctors telling me you were not going to make it. How I lost it. I couldn’t believe them. It didn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real. I also remember the support from your friends. They came to the hospital to say goodbye to you. I remember the ride home from the hospital. After being there for two days, it was over. We were sent home without you. Our “Clarkeless” life would begin. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it. I hate this “Clarkeless” world. To think I have survived 7 years is amazing. I think I only do so to prove you existed. I don’t want people to forget the great presence that was you. I love you so very very much. This is my lament 7 years later. Close
Happy Birthday Dani  / Kim Stanley (Friend of mother )  Read >>
Happy Birthday Dani  / Kim Stanley (Friend of mother )
Happy 20th Earth Birthday, Dani!  You brought love and light on earth and are shining brighter in heaven.  The chain of love between you and your family and friends will never break.  Much love and happiness to you and your loved ones.  Close
In Remembrance  / Jevon Dabney (Friend)  Read >>
In Remembrance  / Jevon Dabney (Friend)
I wanted to take this time to honor a former Providence Middle School Ram. "Clarke Reesse" today is her birthday and it's been 7yrs since any of us had seen her beautiful face. She was an amazing girl, and just wanted to make sure we all remember her and to let her live on in our hearts. R.I.P Clarke Reese Close
Happy Birthday  / Amber Evans (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Amber Evans (Friend)
Happy birthday Clarke...even though you have been gone for quite some time now I still think about you on a regular's crazy to think about what you could have been doing right now or where you might be attending school...I will admit that I cry sometimes over the fact that you're still no longer here...I hope I'm making you proud up in heaven

Happy birthday and rest in peace Clarke Danielle Reese Close
You are doing a wonderful job  / Shirley Flumerfelt   Read >>
You are doing a wonderful job  / Shirley Flumerfelt
Great way to help her memory live on. Close
Happy Birthday  / Whitney H.   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Whitney H.
Hey Dani, I wish I could have met you. I know we would have been good friends. Your mom is such a blessing to me. I just wanted to thank you for sharing her with me these past three years. Happy 20th birthday! Close
Happy Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)

It is hard to believe that this is your 7th birthday in Heaven.  It breaks my heart that you are not here to celebrate your 20th birthday.  I feel robbed and cheated because I didn’t get to watch you blossom into young adulthood.  I won’t get to watch you marry and have a family of your own.  And that makes me sad.

I feel sad most of the time.  You were my everything.  Finding something to feel the void that your absences has left in my life is difficult.  You are always on my mind.  I often think about things you would like.  I especially think about things you would like.  I especially think about u sailing on the new Disney ships.  But then I think, “She is already sailing them with Walt himself”.  It makes me smile. 

Another thing that makes me smile during these years of missing you; is knowing the joy you brought into my life.  It is such a pleasure being your mom. I am just as strong a supporter of you today as I ever was.  Your last gift on earth was an organ & tissue donation.  And I volunteer for the cause to show what a loving person you were

You were always helping others in life and I know that you continue to help new angels every day.  Dani on this 20th birthday, I wish you all the love and happiness there is in the Heaven and earth.


Your Mommie. Close
Happy Birthday  / Meghan (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Meghan (Friend)
You're still my best friend no matter what. And I wish you could be down here to celebrate with us...but if God wanted you to have your party in heaven, then so be it. I miss you. I would have planned a surprise party for you. Had so much fun and gotten into only a little bit of trouble. I wish you were here...I've never stopped thinking about my best friend. Happy Birthday Clarke. Close
Happy Birthday Sweet Clarke  / Jan Broom (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Sweet Clarke  / Jan Broom (Friend)

Life continues both here and there.  Moments bring memories so tender that we can't help but cry....but the tears come from joy as well as sorrow. 

How very blessed we are... Mother's of Angels, that you chose to be our children for a time.  There could never be a gift as precious.

Happy Birthday Dear Clarke.


Peace to you my angel  / Uncle Chris (Godfather)  Read >>
Peace to you my angel  / Uncle Chris (Godfather)
I rarely use the word hate. Having said that, I hate today. I've dreaded writing this post all day. I have good friends, bad friends and people who are no longer friends and I don't wish the loss of a dear young one on any of them.

It's been six years and it really isn't any easier. I had no tolerance for nonsense today. I've been in a foul mood and all because I don't want to face the pain of this loss. It is truly something that few can understand.

I lost my God-daughter, my first daughter, 6 years ago. I've tried to comfort myself by saying that it was quick and that she really felt no pain. But that doesn't minimize the loss. The happy memories are there, but all of them simply bring me close to tears today.

Clarke Danielle Quarles-Reese, you are on my mind often and I wish that I had more time with you. But I have to be thankful for the time that I had. I'm going to light a candle in your honor and see if I can get myself together.

Peace to you my angel. Close
Another Year  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommy)  Read >>
Another Year  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommy)

Dear Clarke,

On this sixth Heaven date, I am missing you more than ever.  I would do anything to trade places with you.  If anyone deserved to live a long full life it was you.  Clarke my life is a waste without you.  I am a shell of my former self without you.  When you died you took all the joy and happieness with you.  You were my reason to live and that is gone.  My new life is spent searching for meaning and purpose.  You on the other hand, knew exactly what you wanted.  And it is you that should be here pursuing your dreams.

I guess that is what hurts me the most.  That you were taken so early in life, that you never got to fufull your dreams.  I take comfort in the things you did get to experience in your short time on earth.  And I thank God that he chose me to be your mother.  Clarke you are missed six years later just as much as you were then. 

The pain is a little duller, the grief bursts are a little less frequent and the tears are fewer; but you are missed just the same.

Happy Birthday  / Donnetta Reese (Mother)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Donnetta Reese (Mother)

Today you would be 19. I wonder what you’re doing on this 6th birthday in Heaven. I know all the things you are not doing here on earth. I know all the things you never got to do and it hurts so much. I wanted you to fulfill all your dreams. I would give anything to have made that possible. If I could go back in time and trade places with you Dain, I would because you had so much life yet still to live. You were truly struck down in your prime.

But I must make peace with where you are now. And that place is Heaven. I hope Heaven got a little brighter for you when your Nana joined you. I know how much you love your Nana.

Dani, I hope they have birthday celebrations in Heaven and that you have a great time.

Dani I miss you so much.

Remembering a special chiled  / Peter Newell (Friend)  Read >>
Remembering a special chiled  / Peter Newell (Friend)
Luke 18:15-17 
People were also bringing babies to Jesus for him to place his hands on them. When the disciples saw this, they rebuked them. But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  Close
Another Father's Day without you  / Mike Reese (Father)  Read >>
Another Father's Day without you  / Mike Reese (Father)

I can't believe that I have had 5 Father's days without you little one.  I miss you as much today as when you were lost to us.  You made everyday Father's day.

I love you little one.

What an Angel  / Peter Newell (Mothers Friend )  Read >>
What an Angel  / Peter Newell (Mothers Friend )
Clarke, I cant believe it has been 5 years since we said good by to you.  I know that you are watching everything up there in heaven. and I know that you would be so proud of you mom and what she has been doing in her life, especially with working with the organ donation. Close
Remembering you  / Donnetta Reese (Mother)  Read >>
Remembering you  / Donnetta Reese (Mother)

     Five years ago we said goodbye to you. It was way too early for you to leave us at only 13. That day my world stopped. It is just now starting to move slowly forward. 
     Five years ago we cried over losing such a precious life. The thought of you not fulfilling your dreams still brings tears to my eyes. The tears have lessened in frequency over the years, but the sting of pain they leave is still there. 
     Five years ago we were heartbroken by your death. The harsh reality that you would not be here anymore tore a hole in my heart. That hole is smaller now, but will never be repaired. 
     Five years ago we mourned your passing. We gathered together to recognize all your good works on earth. I still praise your gifts of kindness and love often. Especially when I talk about organ donation. 
     Five years ago we celebrated your arrival in Heaven. We remembered all the good times. All the joy you brought into our lives was shared amongst one another. 
     Today I celebrate your life. I admire the way you lived your life to the fullest every day. I am trying now to do that. Clarke you are my hero. You are loved and missed very much.

Clarke’s Mommie

Thinking about you!  / Patty Solis (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking about you!  / Patty Solis (Friend)
Thinking about you and lifting your Mom up in prayer! Close
Clarke's birthday  / Kim Stanley (Mother's friend )  Read >>
Clarke's birthday  / Kim Stanley (Mother's friend )
Happy Birthday, Clarke!  You are dearly missed in this world, but I hope your friends and family know that you are only a thought away.  May they feel your love always. XO  Close
Clarke's Lullaby  / Clarke's Mommie (mother)  Read >>
Clarke's Lullaby  / Clarke's Mommie (mother)

Been thinking about you alot lately.  I guess because it is coming up on 5 years since we lost you.  Been thinking about the last thing I said to you:

  Clarke's Lullaby:

It's time for little Dani to close her eyes and say nite nite.
It's time for little Dani to close her eyes and say nite nite.
Go to sleep my little Dani, say nite nite my little girl
Close your eyes my little Dani, you're my precious little pearl.
It's time for little Dani to close her eyes and say nite nite.

I miss you so much.

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