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Happy Birthday  / Shawn Burwell (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Shawn Burwell (Friend)
Happy Birthday Clarke.  I miss you and that contagious smile.  You and Sierra are two weeks apart and it's still hard to imagine that you're not here.  You are so loved and will always be in our hearts. Close
your birthday  / Mike Reese (Daddy)  Read >>
your birthday  / Mike Reese (Daddy)
Ah little one here it is another birthday.  It feels like forever since I've held you and heard your laugh.  From the moment you arrived you were  the best of me and your mom.  I try to imagine the many triumphs you would have had over the past several years.  After three years it is still impossible for me to describe the level of pain I have due to losing you.  You remain my heart and I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARKE. Close
We'll never forget you.  / Keyona Bartley (An Old Friend )  Read >>
We'll never forget you.  / Keyona Bartley (An Old Friend )
I was looking through old pictures and I came across a picture of you me and Liya back in Kindergarten when I only knew you as Dani. We only said a few words to each other when we met up again in middle school but I could still remember being such good friends with you almost 7 years before then. Even though we didn't remain close throughout the years I'm blessed that someone like you touched my life even if it was just for a short time back in Kindergarten. We didn't know each other much once we were in middle school but I would have had to of been blind to not still notice that you had one of the brightest smiles and one of the biggest hearts of anyone I knew there in Providence. You were always involved in everything that went on in that school and I truly envied the confidence that radiated from you every single day I saw you. I have a picture of our kindergarten class right beside me that I was looking at about an hour ago and seeing you made me want to come let you know that I was thinking of you. I read what your Mom wrote on here and she said she fears that the world will forget you. She doesn't have to worry about that because you left an amazing mark in this world that could never be erased and you'll never be forgotten.
We all love & miss you. Close
Missing you as always  / Mike Reese (Father)  Read >>
Missing you as always  / Mike Reese (Father)


That it's been three years is unbelieveable.  I miss you as much now as I did when I was forced to say goodbye.  You are still my heart.  Life without you most of the time seems meaningless but as I used to teach you Reese's never quit.   It's very difficult going on without you.  You always gave me incentive and I frequently look to you for inspiration.  I love you little one.  By now I guess you'd call me Dad or Pop but I'm still and always your


Thank you ....  / Patty Solis (Your Mom's Friend )  Read >>
Thank you ....  / Patty Solis (Your Mom's Friend )

Hi Clarke ..

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the toys you passed on to my little girl  Bella.  She wouldnt have fallen in love with Jessie the Cowgirl if it werent for the one you gave her.  I am glad that she is playing with toys you once touched.  You have been a real blessing to her!

I love your Mom very much and pray for her ..

XO ....

Missing you still on your Heaven Date  / Clarke's mommie (Mother)  Read >>
Missing you still on your Heaven Date  / Clarke's mommie (Mother)


It is the third anniversary of your death and I am heartbroken.  I still can't believe that you are gone.  It just doesn't seem real in my mind; yet my heart tells a different story.  I would not believe that this much pain could exist in a body that was still alive.  I miss everything about you; your voice your touch your laugh your being.  What I wouldn't give to change places with you.  You were my world. I am still lost in this new world without you.  Just the other night I awoke from a dream whee you were still alive.  It felt so real and then reality sank in that you were gone.

I can't belive that it has been three years since I last talked to you or held you.  It feels like a hundred years.  My days and nights are far too long.  I wish time would speed up and we could be together again.  I hate seeing life go on without you.  I feel as though everything should have ended when you died.  I know that my life ended that day.  Everyone tells me to be happy that you are in heaven but I am very selfish and I want YOU here with me.  I try to do things to honor your memory.  My greatest fear is that this world will forget you.  And how can that be?  How can a light like yours be forgotten?  As long as breath is in my body I will always remember you.

I think about all the things you would be doing now.  How you would have already applied to colleges even though you would only be a junior in hihg school.  I picture you working at a theater of some sorts during the Summer in between camps.  Meibe even working at Kings Dominion every child's right of passage.  I imagine that you would be driving yourself to school now.  I imagine you getting ready for prom and for your friend's graduations.  I imagine how excited you would be to go on the nwe Disney cruis ship.  And much to your daddy's chagrin talking about boys.

Clarke I miss you more today than when you first left.  I know that you are at peace.  That is the only thing that keeps me going.  'Til we meet again.  I love you.


What a Blessing  / Kathy Ashbrook (friend of mom's )  Read >>
What a Blessing  / Kathy Ashbrook (friend of mom's )

You were a special gift given to your mom and dad by God. They were blessed by having you in their lives and you were so very fortunate to have them as your parents. They miss you every day. Mei they find comfort in knowing that you are in heaven with our Heavenly Father.

Missin Dani  / Dinah Thomas (Her mommie's friend )  Read >>
Missin Dani  / Dinah Thomas (Her mommie's friend )
Dani I never had the pleasure of meeting you but I do know that you are dearly missed by your mom. She comes to our class on Thursday's and helps out during our worktime. The kids just love having her here and she enjoys coming. she is always so sweet to us.  I pray for her and your dad. I know they both have a hard time with you being taken away from them so young. They do great get-a-ways and celebrate you. With the sorrow and pain of your loss they have had to push through and show great faith and hope to others. Happy Birthday Sweetie You are dearly missed by many! Close
You are in my prayers  / Crystal Holliday (mommie's co-worker )  Read >>
You are in my prayers  / Crystal Holliday (mommie's co-worker )
Donetta please know that you and your family are in my prayers.  I pray that God gives you strength not only on Februari 25th but everyday.  I admired your strength as a parent.  I know you love your little girl with all your heart it shows in your everyday living.  If ever there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to let me know.  Mei God bless and keep you always. Close
Your Sweet 16th Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
Your Sweet 16th Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)
Clarke Today you would be sweet 16. You are not here to celebrate your rights of passage. No driver's license no sweet 16 party. I hate that you will never have these things. I feel like we have all been robbed and cheated by your death. I ache for your presence here with your family who love you so very very much. I know if you were here you would have planned a huge celebration for this birthday. I would have suprised you with your musical 16th Birthday Girl. It is the one that you wanted. She twirls just like you do my ballerina baby. What I wouldn't give to see your face today. While this is only your third birthday in Heaven it feels like an eternity since you left. Dani I miss you so much. My life is so empty without you. There is nothing that can fill the void that your death left in my world. It is so unfair that you don't get to do things that teenagers do. But I can't dwell on that. It's your birthday and I need to celebrate the life you lived; and live you did. I placed 16 calalillies on your grave. One for every year you brought joy into my life. And I count the last three years because the joy your memories bring me are the only thing that has kept me going. So as I throw these petal into the falls and watch them spin twirl and dance in the water; I picture you in all your glory dancing in Heaven. Happy Sweet 16! Love Mommie Close
Remembering with you  / Jan Broom (Angel Mom )  Read >>
Remembering with you  / Jan Broom (Angel Mom )

Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you... remembering celebrating... amazed at the power of love to sustain us.

I wish I had gotten to know Dani but I feel like... because our girls know each other and because your friendship means so much to me that my heart does know your 'Angel'.

I read once that the cracks that form in a broken heart only make it stronger and allow more light and love in. I know it's true.

With our love

Jan and Jules

Angel Day  / Charles Reese (Father)  Read >>
Angel Day  / Charles Reese (Father)

Little One, you know I don't often type on your site, but we speak frequently.  I can't believe it's been two years since we've been together.  Two years since I had to say goodbye to you.  Life without you has been very difficult, you still are my world.  I miss you and always love you.


Missing You  / Clarke's Mommie (mother)  Read >>
Missing You  / Clarke's Mommie (mother)
Where do I begin? I miss you so very very much. I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since your death. I didn’t think I could make another minute, let alone, 2 years. But I am still here living my “Clarkeless” life. Every aspect of my life is different without you here. I know that I shouldn’t but I spend a lot of time wondering what you would be doing today. Would you be “texting” obsessed or jumping at the bit for your driver’s license? I wonder what you would be doing in school. Everyone keeps telling “you are in a better place”, but I am selfish and still want you here with me. I try to figure out how to honor your too short life. I don’t know how. You are such a dynamic personality! I know everyone is Heaven adores you as much as you are adored here on earth. For my own sanity, I have to believe that you are in Heaven dancing and singing. That you are not missing your mommie, because you are inside my heart.
Missing U & Sending Love & Prayers to Your Parents  / Tina Pierce (LifeNet Health friend )  Read >>
Missing U & Sending Love & Prayers to Your Parents  / Tina Pierce (LifeNet Health friend )


The World is missing you today....your beauty, creativity, enthusiasm, and love for life!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today!  Say hi to my Daddy for me in heaven!  Surely he's missing all of his grandchildren & will gladly take you under his wing.   Your light & love lives eternally with us on Earth.

Peace & Blessings....Tina

May God's peace be with you  / Stephanie Brown (Co-worker of Mom )  Read >>
May God's peace be with you  / Stephanie Brown (Co-worker of Mom )

To the family of Clarke:

This is a beautiful site dedicated to the memory of a beautiful girl. Stay blessed and encouraged in the Lord.

On your 15th Un-birthday 8-31-2008  / Donnetta Reese (mommie)  Read >>
On your 15th Un-birthday 8-31-2008  / Donnetta Reese (mommie)


This is the second birthday that I am spending without you. I find myself doing so many things to keep you alive in everyone’s memory if I can’t keep you alive on Earth.

I like this new tradition of dropping petals into the falls. You were always big on traditions. I am thinking about the yearly birthday girl you received. No matter what other presents you got, you were never content until you got your birthday girl. I remember when you saw them in the store and insisted that you had the age 16 girl that was also musical. It danced – that was you. I told you that they didn’t have it anymore. Truth is I bought them all. It is tearing me apart that I was not able to present you with birthday girls 14 and 15 and knowing that next year I won’t be able to give you your musical 16 birthday girl….

Number 16 was so much like you. She danced and played music. I hope that you are dancing and singing in Heaven. I liked to picture you dancing. You were always moving. That is why I like going to the falls. The falls are always moving, and like you it touches peoples’ lives in so many ways. So many lives are better because you were here. So, today as I honor that wonderful day that you came into my life, I adorn you with roses…you know you loved to accessorize.

Dani I love and miss you so very much.

Our Friend Lives...  / Richard Meadows (Friend)  Read >>
Our Friend Lives...  / Richard Meadows (Friend)
Courtney always stays with me with these word Our Friend Lives! I would say that Dani does too. Close
On her 14th Unbirthday 8/31/2007  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
On her 14th Unbirthday 8/31/2007  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)


I never thought we would be spending your 14th birthday without you here.  I hope and pray that you are happy where you are.  I hope that you are dancing and singing..your favorite things to do.  Oh how I so wish that you were doing those tings in my presence.  Life is just not the same since your exit.  I always told you that you were my life and today that is so very very evident.

In your short time here on earth, you touched the lives of so many people.  You certainly made your presence known.  A shining star from day one.  Your magnetic personality attracted everyone to you.  Your brilliant spirit made everyone you met, adore you.  And in the end, you were a shooting star.  You shined so bright and so fast and then extinguished in a flash.  Thank you for being my shining star.  May you continue to light my path in this "Clarkeless" world.

This is what I read to Clarke last year on her birthday, which I will forever more call her Unbirthday.  Not because she is not here, but because it is so "Disneyesque".(Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter). As her 15th Unbirthday approaches, I am still missing her so very very much.


Beautiful site  / LaDonna Hembree (angelmom too )  Read >>
Beautiful site  / LaDonna Hembree (angelmom too )
Hi, I am an angelmom also.  I am so sorry for your loss but so very glad you found angelmom's.  I have 2 angel's on memory of.  Rachel Hicks, who died at age 15 in a car accident and David Hicks, who died at age 22 in a motorcycle accident.  This is a lovely website and she is a beautiful young woman.  God bless! Close
just a note  / Sidney Wilson (friend angel mom's )  Read >>
just a note  / Sidney Wilson (friend angel mom's )


I just wanted to say welcome to the Angle mom group. I am sorry you had to find us. I lost my son Darien on 1/4/6. He has a memoral site as well.

You have done a beautiful job with Clarke memorial, I am sure she is really proud of you.


Love Sidney Wilson Dariens mom

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