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Rememberance / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)  Read >>
Rememberance / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)
Clarke, It has been a decade since we all sat in church and said farewell to you. Oh if only I could have traded places with you. Gone too soon. I hope you knew how much you were loved while you were us in the flesh. If it is possible you are loved even more now with you in Heaven. Loved and missed. Never knew someone could be so missed. Recently I have been accused of choosing to "live in my grief". That had to come from someone who hasn't lost a child. You don't just ""get over it". It's not normal to bury a child. Clarke you were supposed to bury us. You were supposed to have a long life filled with joy and happiness. I wished for all of your wildest dreams to come to fruition. Nobody deserved that more than you. Clarke you were such a kind spirit. You liked ever body and shared your talents with the world. I think the world loved you too. How could it not with that smile of yours. I think that smile is why year 10 is so hard. I miss seeing it. I miss hearing your voice. Our love of Disney, Charmed and Harry Potter. You brought me so much joy and now I struggle still some days to find joy. My world has been shaken to its core. I'm in a better placed than 10 years ago, but it still hurts. Clarke, I love and miss you. Close
Your birthday  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
Your birthday  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)
Clarke, It is a milestone occasion that we mark this year. 10 birthdays that you have spent in Heaven. You would be 23 today. A young woman blossoming in adulthood. I miss you something awful. I pray you are dancing and singing in Heaven as you did on Earth. I wish I had you to celebrate with on your birthday. Instead all I have are memories. I can't help but feel honored to have been your mother. You brought and your memories continue to bring me great joy. I was never as happy as the day you came into my life. And never as sad as the day you left. Everyday is a balancing act...trying to be just happy enough so sadness doesn't overtake me. But enough about me, this is your day. I honor you. My wonderful daughter I will scatter these rose petals. Some will land on the water where you loved to cruise and some will touch down on giant rocks which you loved to collect. In your own words "It's all about me, momie!" Who can argue with that. Love, miss and honor you. Mommie. Close
WOW! / Dinah Thomas (Her Mother's friend )  Read >>
WOW! / Dinah Thomas (Her Mother's friend )
I know you have been gone 10 years but it seems like yesterday I heard of the sweetest girl anyone could know would now be putting on those dancing shoes and using that sweet voice to entertain so many who needed to hear it. I did not know you personally but I did know your awesome Mom! Somehow I believe you would be just like her. Always giving and showing love to so many. So glad she has been a part of my life and has shared yours with me and others. Have a wonderful birthday in Heaven.I have many family members there with you and my Mom just joined you all in March. Whoop it up beautiful. :0) Close
still gone  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
still gone  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)
Clarke this your 9th Heaven date. I can’t say that it has gotten any easier. I still am unhappy in this Clarke less world. I have learned to survive. Survival mode is a good day for me; it means I didn’t spend it in bed crying because my reason for living isn’t. I tell myself that you are happy in Heaven and that I should be happy to, but I just can’t make that leap. I still miss you on earth. My heart is so broken and I haven’t found anything to fill the hole that your death left. I just miss you so very much. You touched so many people in your short life. I’ve come across so many things that you had written. So much is about who were role models to you. Clarke you were my role model. I looked up to you. You were a loving family member, loyal friend and strong leader and champion of good. This world lost something special 9 years ago today when it lost you. Nine years later I still visit your grave and ask why and know we will never know. I cry as we leave flowers and walk away. It reminds me of that night 9 years ago when we left the hospital without you. I never thought that would happen. Clarke we miss you every minute of every day still. Close
Last You  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
Last You  / Donnetta Reese (Mommie)
Last you. Nine years later I still visit your grave and ask why and I know we will never know. I cry as we leave flowers and walk away. It reminds of that night 9 years ago when we left the hospital without you. I never thought that would happen. Clarke we miss you every minute of every day still. Close
You turned 22 today.  / Christopher Redding (Godfather)  Read >>
You turned 22 today.  / Christopher Redding (Godfather)
You turned 22 today. A reminder that my life was changed forever more than 2 decades ago. You were with us in spirit as we broke bread, dean and talked about a host of things. Most of the conversations were based on you and others on your cousins and our crazy memories. But we were there to celebrate you. Some people will say that this would have been your 22nd birthday. But it IS your 22nd birthday. I know that you are not here in the flesh, but you still live in MANY hearts and minds. You will be with me forever and I will ALWAYS celebrate on August 31st! Sleep well my angel. Until we see each other again. ~Uncle Chris Close
birthday / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)  Read >>
birthday / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)
Dani, it is your 22nd birthday. I can’t believe that another year has gone by with you in Heaven away from us. I miss you so more than words than words could ever say. This year your friends all graduated from college. It is painful knowing that you never got to experience that. I wonder what you’d be like today. What career choices would you have made? What partner choices would you have made? Would daddy and I approve? Where would you be living? Oh how I miss you. Some days still I cry myself to sleep. Your absence has left a cavernous hole in my life and heart. There is nothing or on one who can fill it. I know it has been 9 birthdays in Heaven, but I can’t use to you spending them there. I don’t think I ever will. I know that birthdays are glorious there, but I’m selfish….I want you here with me. I sleep with a quilt made of your old T-shirts that a very dear friend made for me. I do anything to be close to you. Just the other day I found some photos of you dressed in my clothes. I guess you were the age you were when you died. I cried so much. You looked so grown up in my clothes. I can’t bring myself wish you a happy birthday in Heaven, kiddo but do enjoy your day with our Lord. Close
2,922 days  / Clarke's Mommie (Mommie)  Read >>
2,922 days  / Clarke's Mommie (Mommie)
This year as I sat down to write your “In Memoriam” for the newspaper I started thinking about how many days it had been since I last talked to you. It has been over 2922 days. It reminded me of one of your favorite songs (from a musical of course) “Seasons of Love” from RENT. I remember that summer like it was yesterday. You were 6 going on 7 and taking a theater class at St. Catherine. Y’all performed that song. That same summer you went to the Barkdale to see “Annie Get Your Gun” and you were such a critic after having seen it on Broadway a year earlier.
Oh Clarke I miss you so much. You are my heart. It hurts so much not to have you here. I know that you would be a woman and would be on your own now but you would still always be my babygirl. I still make myself get up everyday to deal with this world without you in it. Most days I am just on autopilot; doing just enough so grief doesn’t swallow me up. I try to be supportive to others who like me who have lost a loved one and that helps. I talk to your Dad about you. We both have such great memories of you. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. I’m always talking about you to somebody because you stay on my mind. Some may say that it is unhealthy but I thought about like this when you were physically here with me too. That was just the bond that we had….even death can’t sever it.
So here we are two thousand nine hundred twenty-two days into this Clarkeless world and it sucks. You should be graduating from college in the spring and starting your career. How I wish that were the case. I wish you were able to fulfill your dreams. But I have to believe that you are doing that in Heaven. I just bought a T-shirt that says; “I hope you’re dancing in the sky.” I wish that for you. Love and miss you something fierce.
You turned 21 today.  / Chris Redding (Godfather)  Read >>
You turned 21 today.  / Chris Redding (Godfather)
You turned 21 today. And instead of taking your first legal drink with you, I take a drink to honor you. I sit and remember all of the good and funny times. How you changed my life in so many ways. I wish you were here. There may be a tear in my eye, but there is joy in my heart. And while I can't call you, text you or hug you, you will always be with me. You were my first and made me want children and for that I will be forever thankful. Thanks for keeping an eye on me, your mom and dad. Love you always Clarke Danielle Reese Close
08-31-2014 21st Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)  Read >>
08-31-2014 21st Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)

Well Dani here it is, your 21st birthday.  You're spending it in Heaven.  I had hoped that 2014 would be "our" year.  I turned 50 this year and you turned 21.  I always thought we'd do something extra special to celebrate.  But alas, I was robbed of that experience by your untimely death.

Dani, I miss you so very much. I as so all alone.  I miss my daughter, my best friend, my everything.  After 8 birthdays in Heaven I still function on autopilot most days.

I think of you often, but more so on special days like today.  I wonder what you would be doing with your life.  What career path would you have chosen?  What boy would you be dating? And the question I'd want to know the most, what would you look like at 21.   You were a mere 13 when you left us.  I wonder how you  will be celebrating in Heaven today?

There is this Blue Bell ice cream commercial that always makes me cry.  Sometime sad tears, most times happy tears; it talks about what people are doing in Heaven today.  I have always pictured you eating a dish of vanilla ice cream.  On the 21st birthday I hope that you have the finest.  I hope you have bubbly, lobster baked spaghetti, your favorite music and all your new angel friends and family around you.

I love you and miss you more than you will and can ever know.

Clarke's Mommie Always



Hello / Tighmir Sayles (Cousin)  Read >>
Hello / Tighmir Sayles (Cousin)
Hello Clarke.. we have never met... and unfortunately won't until I am where you are. I was sitting back at my desk and decided to start looking up my family history and have spent hours and hours searching for the side of my family that I've never known. Then I stumbled upon this... and my heart is broken to know of such a gorgeous and beautiful young lady gone too soon. We are about 18 months apart actually. Please dance it up up there...!! To Donnetta... I am SO sorry for your loss :( Close
7 years without you.  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)  Read >>
7 years without you.  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mother)
Dani, I am sitting here on the eve of your 7th Heaven date. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years and then again I can. The emptiness I feel is just as fresh as the day you left. The paid has dulled some over the years, but it still there. I still cry when I think about you not being here. 7 years is a long time to go without talking to you, hugging you, laughing with you, or just being with you. 7 years was ½ of the years you spent here on earth. Such a short time to attempt to live a lifetime in, but you sure did try. 7 years is an eternity to a family that misses their daughter who was snatched by death way too soon. These 7 years have seen many changes in the world. My world remains frozen in time on February 25, 2007; the snowy day that you left us. I relieve that weekend often. I often wonder if there was anything I could have done to save you, even today. I remember hearing your voice for the last time. Though I didn’t know it would be the last time. I remember the doctors telling me you were not going to make it. How I lost it. I couldn’t believe them. It didn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real. I also remember the support from your friends. They came to the hospital to say goodbye to you. I remember the ride home from the hospital. After being there for two days, it was over. We were sent home without you. Our “Clarkeless” life would begin. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it. I hate this “Clarkeless” world. To think I have survived 7 years is amazing. I think I only do so to prove you existed. I don’t want people to forget the great presence that was you. I love you so very very much. This is my lament 7 years later. Close
Happy Birthday Dani  / Kim Stanley (Friend of mother )  Read >>
Happy Birthday Dani  / Kim Stanley (Friend of mother )
Happy 20th Earth Birthday, Dani!  You brought love and light on earth and are shining brighter in heaven.  The chain of love between you and your family and friends will never break.  Much love and happiness to you and your loved ones.  Close
In Remembrance  / Jevon Dabney (Friend)  Read >>
In Remembrance  / Jevon Dabney (Friend)
I wanted to take this time to honor a former Providence Middle School Ram. "Clarke Reesse" today is her birthday and it's been 7yrs since any of us had seen her beautiful face. She was an amazing girl, and just wanted to make sure we all remember her and to let her live on in our hearts. R.I.P Clarke Reese Close
Happy Birthday  / Amber Evans (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Amber Evans (Friend)
Happy birthday Clarke...even though you have been gone for quite some time now I still think about you on a regular's crazy to think about what you could have been doing right now or where you might be attending school...I will admit that I cry sometimes over the fact that you're still no longer here...I hope I'm making you proud up in heaven

Happy birthday and rest in peace Clarke Danielle Reese Close
You are doing a wonderful job  / Shirley Flumerfelt   Read >>
You are doing a wonderful job  / Shirley Flumerfelt
Great way to help her memory live on. Close
Happy Birthday  / Whitney H.   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Whitney H.
Hey Dani, I wish I could have met you. I know we would have been good friends. Your mom is such a blessing to me. I just wanted to thank you for sharing her with me these past three years. Happy 20th birthday! Close
Happy Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Donnetta Quarles-Reese (Mommie)

It is hard to believe that this is your 7th birthday in Heaven.  It breaks my heart that you are not here to celebrate your 20th birthday.  I feel robbed and cheated because I didn’t get to watch you blossom into young adulthood.  I won’t get to watch you marry and have a family of your own.  And that makes me sad.

I feel sad most of the time.  You were my everything.  Finding something to feel the void that your absences has left in my life is difficult.  You are always on my mind.  I often think about things you would like.  I especially think about things you would like.  I especially think about u sailing on the new Disney ships.  But then I think, “She is already sailing them with Walt himself”.  It makes me smile. 

Another thing that makes me smile during these years of missing you; is knowing the joy you brought into my life.  It is such a pleasure being your mom. I am just as strong a supporter of you today as I ever was.  Your last gift on earth was an organ & tissue donation.  And I volunteer for the cause to show what a loving person you were

You were always helping others in life and I know that you continue to help new angels every day.  Dani on this 20th birthday, I wish you all the love and happiness there is in the Heaven and earth.


Your Mommie. Close
Happy Birthday  / Meghan (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Meghan (Friend)
You're still my best friend no matter what. And I wish you could be down here to celebrate with us...but if God wanted you to have your party in heaven, then so be it. I miss you. I would have planned a surprise party for you. Had so much fun and gotten into only a little bit of trouble. I wish you were here...I've never stopped thinking about my best friend. Happy Birthday Clarke. Close
Happy Birthday Sweet Clarke  / Jan Broom (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Sweet Clarke  / Jan Broom (Friend)

Life continues both here and there.  Moments bring memories so tender that we can't help but cry....but the tears come from joy as well as sorrow. 

How very blessed we are... Mother's of Angels, that you chose to be our children for a time.  There could never be a gift as precious.

Happy Birthday Dear Clarke.


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